It's in the Bag

Preparation in dance is the key to success! Just like the perfect prep for a jump can send you soaring through the sky and help you get that last rotation in your pirouette combo, preparing your dance bag can help you stay organized and ready for dance class. Check out the Kensington Dance bag (pictured below). This large, black patent dance bag features a bright pink “wipe-clean” interior with a zip pocket and two additional pockets for your essentials. Did we mention the bow? Adjustable shoulder strap included.

Here are some tips that will help you get from Biology Class to the Barre in no time!

  • Pack the night before: Having your dance bag packed will help you get from school to dance on time! Whether your mom is driving a carpool, or maybe you have to drop your little brother off at soccer, having your bag packed the night before with your essentials will help you get to dance with some extra time to spare.  Dance teachers love when you are dressed and ready to go for your lesson!
  • Dress Code: Does your studio have a strict dress code? Be sure that you pack extra leotards, tights, shoes and sports bras/shorts that are appropriate for the style of dance that you have on that day. If your studio doesn’t have a particular color for levels, you can’t go wrong with basic black! You can stand out and make the look your own by layering a black leotard over a bright colored sports bra. For days that you want a little more coverage, add a Ballet skirt in a fun print, or a pair of dance shorts. **Always remember to be respectful of what your particular teacher wants. For example, if your teacher wants you to wear a placement belt, be sure yours is packed!!**  Bonus: Throw a mesh laundry bag inside your dance bag to store sweaty leotards and other dancewear.  When you get home-just toss the laundry bag in the wash! Be sure to separate your colors, and always pay attention to care instructions inside your garments.
  • Hair Accessories: How fast can you make a bun?! Get some practice before the dance season so that your hair is up and ready to go for class. Consider wearing your hair in a ponytail to school on the days that you have dance, so you can easily transition to class! Be sure to pack extra hair elastics, bobby pins, hair nets, and don’t forget your hairspray and brush! A bun cover or snood is a quick and easy way to take your hair from Ballet Bun to ponytail.  A sparkly hair accessory compliments your bun or funky hip hop look.  
  • Speaking of Accessories… It is usually not recommended that you wear jewelry for dance class. Have you ever have a piece of jewelry get yanked during a lift? Not fun! Keep a small bag or case to store jewelry and remember- don’t bring valuables to class!
  • Snacks/Water: It is important to stay fueled in order to keep your energy up before and during your classes. Keep your water bottle handy to order to stay hydrated. Although studios have fountains, it is quickest to have your own nearby so you don’t have to wait in line!
  • Tennis Ball/Stretch Bands: Ever get a muscle cramp in the middle of class and wish your foam roller was in your bag? (PS- the Kensington Bag will fit your roller!).  A tennis ball is one of the easiest ways to roll out your back, the arches of your feet, or any other muscles that are feeling tight.  Find one in your favorite color and roll it out in between classes!  Stretch bands offer two uses in one- they can help you add resistance to your strengthening exercises and help you stretch your overworked muscles.
  • Mini Emergency Kit: Ever had the straps of your leo pop, or your tights rip? Be prepared with a mini emergency kit to help you recover from any potential wardrobe disaster!  Did you know that hairspray and clear nail polish can help a snag in your tights from spreading? Band-aids and tape can help you get through pointe class, and safety pins can help your straps stay put.  If you can sew, keep a mini kit in your bag to help with pointe shoe ribbons and any other wardrobe malfunctions.  You never know when an extra lip balm, hand lotion or deodorant may come in handy!
  • Hand Sanitizer/Baby Wipes or Makeup Remover Wipes:  After a long night of sweating, it is a good idea to wipe your face, chest and back as soon as possible to prevent breakouts. Of course, there is nothing as relaxing a hot shower or bath, but depending on how long your drive home is, you might want to wipe down after class! Hand sanitizer will keep your hands germ free after touching the barre or partnering in class.
  • Foot Spray: Keep your feet fresh by spraying feet before and after dance. Bonus: if you can keep your foot spray cool, it is super refreshing for tired feet!

Here is to a happy and healthy season of dance!!

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